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ELTEE 2018

Conference location

  • Place: Grenoble INP-ENSE3 ​

  • Public Transportation: Tramway B direction presqu’ile, CEA Cambridge Stop​

  • Conference room: 2-C-08 floor 2

International Conference on Components and Systems for DC Grids

  • Date: 14th-15th March 2017

  • Place: Grenoble INP-ENSE3
    21 rue des Martyrs, GRENOBLE,




English will be the preferred language for papers and presentations during the conference. French language would also be an option for both sessions and the text of the communications in the final proceedings.

The submission  page for ELTEE 2018 is


Dates :

  • 8 September 2018: Abstract Submission deadline

  • 11 September 2018: Notification of acceptance

  • 8 October 2018: Full paper submission deadline

  • 16-17 October 2018: ELTEE, Grenoble, France

Call for Papers
Call for Papers
Paper Template
Presentation Template



The registration fee will be 238 € per person (full rate) for participation in the conference. The registration is opened: link to the registration page.







The structure of the electric grids (transmission, distribution and traction) includes electro-technical power components with lifetimes of up to several decades. Their aging is conditioned by the operating and environmental constraints to which they are subject. For economic reasons, the management of these assets implies having predictive lifetime models and optimal maintenance procedures. On the other hand, the structural and functional evolution of the centralized networks implies to consider the reliability of the electronic power converters, in particular of their constitutive components.




The lifetime prediction of electro-technical and electronic power components requires specific approaches, given their diversity (transformers, lines, cables, circuit breakers, surge arresters, generators, motors, IGBTs, MOSFETs...). For this purpose, predictive reliability methods based on physical models, test results and feedback should be used. These types of approaches must allow Transmission System Operators to make economic decisions of maintenance, renewal or extension of lifetimes in a context of uncertainty and long-term.


For Electrical Engineering Applications a main issue is the reliability of the components and the systems. Modeling and simulation tools enable to account designing process, lifetime analysis, diagnostics and health monitoring. The current context of the digitization of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing makes it possible to address these issues with a view to efficiency and significant reduction in management costs. The themes of this conference concern: Stakeholders Institutions, OEM, Grid Operators, Private asset owners. The conference aims to analyze some of these topics from theoretical and practical ways. ​


Provisional Topics (not strictly limited to):

  • Specific analysis to electrical apparatus and components : electrical machines, transformers, lines, cables, surge arresters, power electronics, wind farms, PV panels, stationary batteries and so on.

  • Mission profiles, functional and environmental stresses

  • Life duration : physical degradation and reliability models, lifetime extension

  • Availability factors: reliability, maintainability

  • Experience return, failure probability, cloud data…

  • Dynamic maintenance :supervision, optimal policies,

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: investment costs, maintenance costs, failure costs, resource allocations

  • Future challenges : network sensors,  real time computing, IoT, big data, cloud computing




Final Program of ELTEE 2018.



General Chair: Emmanuel DEJAEGER, UCL, Belgium, Co-Chair H. Morel, INSA Lyon, France. Scientific & Technical Committee: Lambert Pierrat, LJ-Consulting, Grenoble, France Organizing Committee : R. FEUILLET, INP, Grenoble, France

Organization committee

Scientific & Technical Committee

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