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Conference location.

Place: Grenoble INP-ENSE3 

Public Transportation: Tramway B direction presqu’ile, CEA Cambridge Stop

Conference room: 2-C-08 floor 2

International Conference on COmponents and SYStems for DC Grids.

  • Date: 14th-15th March 2017

  • Place: Grenoble INP-ENSE3
    21 rue des Martyrs, GRENOBLE,


English will be the preferred language for papers and presentations during the conference. French language would also be an option for both sessions and the text of the communications in the final proceedings.

Prospective authors should submit an abstract there: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=cosysdc2017


  • 15th January 2017: Abstract Submission deadline

  • 23rd January 2017: Notification of acceptance

  • 15th February 2017: Full paper submission deadline

  • 14th-15th March 2017: COSYS-DC 2017, Grenoble, France

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In the fast changing perspective of energetic transition, direct current and more broadly power electronics appear as a solution for high voltage as well as distribution level voltages and embedded power systems. The conference will focus on dc grid equipment and topologies including protections and consider their coordination towards a sustainable, efficient and economical grid.


The integration of power electronics based equipment in various grids topologies and environments brings a number of challenges. Having them in mind from the design phase and throughout the life cycle management of the 50 year life time installations is an exercise that requires the attention of many stakeholders.


I - Grids Topologies

The concept of DC Grids may cover many categories of electrical installations at low, medium and high voltage levels

High Voltage DC grids

Railway supply networks

Smart Cities: MVDC and LVDC

Isolated networks dominated by Photovoltaic or wind production

Embedded networks in ships or aircrafts


Ecological impact of electrical equipment (Production, Transmission, Distribution, Use)

II - Specific Equipment and Functionalities

DC grids involve a set of particular equipment whose design and operation principles differ from those known in conventional AC facilities

AC-DC converters

DC-DC converters

DC current Limiters

DC Circuit Fuses and Circuit Breakers

Other Switching devices

Relevant Passive Components

Protection strategies (Internal Self-protection; Algorithms and relays to properly trigger external protective devices)

Voltage and current controllers

III - Constraints to comply with

Reliability Availability Maintainability shall be guaranteed taking into account

III - Constraints to comply with

Reliability Availability and Maintainability shall be guaranteed taking into account

Wind and waves for offshore platforms

Corrosion in salty environment

Temperature and humidity

Vibrations on mobile vehicles

Low footprint without sacrificing accessibility

IV - Efficiency – Ecological – Economic Impacts

Optimum trade-offs to reach acceptance

Targeted Markets (Congested Urban MVDC, Supergrids, ...)

Limited acquisition and operation costs

Strategy and maintenance costs

Evolutivity of the implemented systems

Eco-design and energy efficiency

V - Stakeholders

Institutions, OEM, Grid Operators, Private asset owners.



J.-L. BESSEDE, APIME, Grenoble

S. NGUEFEU: RTE, La Défense, Co-Chair

Organization committee

Scientific & Technical committee