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M. BERVAS, DC networks in military platforms

Invited Speaker:

J. D. Páez, J. Maneiro, P. Dworakowski, D. Frey and S. Bacha, DC-DC Converters for HVDC Grids: A Survey

I - HVDC Converters

R. Ferrer-San-Jose, E. Prieto-Araujo, O. Gomis-Bellmunt, F. Colas,
D. Marin, X. Guillaud, M. Haijan, and S. Nguefeu, Design and implementation of an LCL DC/DC converter prototype for DC grids

S. Samimi, F. Gruson, P. Delarue , F. Colas and X. Guillaud, Energy based model and control of Modular Multilevel Converters

DUONG Viet Duc, TRAN Quoc Tuan, LE Q. Anh, NGUYEN V. An, NGUYEN H. Long, Study of interconnections in Vietnam power
system with asynchronous back to back HVDC links

Session 1 - HVDC Converters
Session 2 - Photovoltaic

A. Bier, O. Wiss, P. Messaoudi, A 3 kV, 18 kW Medium-Voltage PV
Plant Demonstrator

Y. J. Wang, L. Pierrat, and P. S. Huang, A Probabilistic Approach for the
Analysis of Partial Shading of PV Arrays

Session 2 - Photovoltaic
Session 2 - Photovoltaic
Session 3 - DC Switching And Limiting Devices

Zichi Zhang, Stefan Valdemarsson, Erik Johansson, Gunnar Johansson, Tobias Gentzell, Antonello Antoniazzi, A novel low voltage hybrid DC switch using resonant current injection

L. Quéval, F. Trillaud, and B. Douine, DC Grid Stabilization using a Resistive Superconducting Fault Current Limiter

Thi Thuong Huyen Ma, Hamed Yahoui, Fedia Baccar El Boubkari, Hervé Morel, Building a Matlab/Simulink Model of a
SiC-JFET for the investigation of Solid State DC Breaker

Jean-Louis GELET, Jean-Marc CHAIX, Xavier JUST, Pierre LHUISSIER,
Gérard THOMAS, Olivier BONNEFOY, Alexander RACK, Margie OLBINADO, Observation of Arcing inside a Fuse under VSI Short Circuit Conditions using 5.10 6 Frames per Sec. X-ray Imaging

Session 3 - DC Switching And Limiting Devices
Session 4 - Low voltage and micro-grids

D. R. Joca, B. Džonlaga, L. H. S. C. Barreto, D. S. Oliveira , J. C. Vannier, and L. Quéval, AC-DC Interleaved Modular Multilevel
Converter with Medium-Frequency Isolation Transformer for DC

Session 4 - Low voltage and micro-grids

Mohamed Barara, Hervé Morel, Clerc Guy, Control Strategy Scheme for Consistent Power Flow Control in Meshed DC Micro-grids

Session 5 - Protection Strategies

W. R. Leon Garcia, A. Bertinato, P. Tixador, B. Raison and B. Luscan, SFCL based full-selective protection strategy for multi-terminal HVDC grids: A case study

D.S. Loume, A.Bertinato, B.Raison and B.Luscan, A protection strategy for multi-terminal HVDC grids based on mechanical DC circuit breakers

L. Pierrat, Mechanical failure risk of offshore wind farm structures subjected to normal and extreme environmental stresses